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New Hires!

Get excited prospective students! A new class of 35 freshly energized and outstanding NEW Ambassadors have just been accepted into the program!

January Ambassador of the Month

Casey Dowling

Class of 2016

We’re thrilled to announce our first ambassador of the month of 2015:

Casey Dowling!!!

This Florida transplant has brought up a huge slice of sunshine up here at TCNJ! Casey is extremely dedicated to the program, often volunteering her time to help prep behind-the-scenes at training and voluntarily giving families tours, even when she is not assigned to do so! Casey’s enthusiasm for the program is contagious, and it certainly shows! Outside of being an ambassador, Casey has been able to improve TCNJ’s policies and share her voice and opinions through her impressive leadership position on student government! We’re so lucky to have this sunny superstar!